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CPI (Custom Property Inspector) Control

By IveBeenThinking Software

add the ability to manage property values within your app, similar to the Xojo™ IDE.



This is a custom class designed for developers using the Xojo™ programming environment and is designed to work with applications written for use with Apple OSX/macOS™ , and Microsoft Windows™ applications. For OSX it requires version 10.7 or above, and for Windows version 7. You may download an Demo App at the link below, this shows the control and most of its functions.   You may purchase a copy of the Source Code version at the links below. However, it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to integrate and utilize the control in their own projects.
NOTE : This class requires XOJO 2016r4.1 or greater

What's New in this Version

12Nov2017 - Initial Public release

Download Links

CPI DEMO project (for OSX and Windows) contact
CPI Users Guide [still work in progress] contact

Purchase with PayPal

Single Developer License Source Code $29.95 [USD]  
Single Developer License Source Code
Black Friday Special
thru Nov 26, 2017
$23.95 [USD]
Purchase will be sent via EMAIL after reciept of payment.
Before purchasing a Source Code License, you must agree to the following conditions
  • You may modify the source code in anyway you desire, however the original author requests that any changes that correct defects in, or add enhancements to existing features be communicated in order that they be included in future releases of this package.
  • You may NOT redistribute the source code in any form to any other party, in part or in whole, including as part of a larger program or application that you are distributing the source code for. The functionality of this package can only be redistributed as part of a compiled application.
Source Code$29.95
CategoryCustom Control
File Size130kb
UpdatedNov 12,2017
Xojo 2016 or greater for OSX/macOS, Windows 10>\

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